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Hello level designer at The Game Assembly! (or someone else) :-)

I really hope you're having a good time. If you're in the second year starting/ working on your portfolio project(s) or just someone reading, curious what this message is about (which is fair), I just want to give some tips that I personally found very useful when working on and finalizing my portfolio 2 projects.

1. Listen to Tommy - but not too much ;-)

He's extremely knowledgeable in his area and deserves all credit for that but keep in mind that his ideas and thoughts are just like feedback from anyone else, everything doesn't always apply. This goes for all teachers I think, do listen but sort what feedback is relevant and you want to use.

2. Plan, plan, plan

I'm very much a person that plans and organizes everything in my life BUT, it does truly make a difference to spend an extra hour or two on for example setting up a custom calendar (which I did) or something similar that you can use to keep track of what to do and when. Also, give yourself buffer days. I personally decided that every friday was my buffer day, so if I got stuck on something during the week I instantly pushed it to be done on friday instead of wasting time. Best thing I ever implemented in my workflow tbh.

3. Set aside time for your website

I think I originally gave myself 2-3 weeks just for the website. Some worked on their pages during the weekends but I personally believe that keeping work away from weekends and fully focusing on work when at work is healthier than working a little all the time - but everyone's different.

I did have to take away 1 week however from designing the website to get a little more time on my second portfolio project, but I think this website turned out pretty good anyways. But it often takes longer to make than you might initially think.

These tips might not work well for everyone, but perhaps they can inspire?

Remember. Take a break, go for a walk, drink water, listen to good music that inspires you and you'll be fine :-) if you ever have any questions I promise I almost instantly answer on discord, however, linkedin and email is slower. 

Have a good one!

This was written Jan 23, 2021

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