Hitman III





Starting my internship at IO Interactive I got to jump in straight away and familiarize myself with the levels and of course the editor and all of its tools.


Chongqing, China

The main level I got to work on along with other very capable level designers was Chongqing. A very beautiful and complicated level in its design, it was so much fun to dig into.


My work

I worked on almost all levels in some way, and the majority of my work can be experienced in the game. Most of which are invisible things like markups, but there's plenty usable and interactive setups to experience.



With this big of a game of course there will be bugs to be fixed. They will continue rolling in long after launch and it's important to not forget bugs from old content as well. It's still content people want to enjoy.


Launch day

It felt very strange being at the office the day of the big launch, especially when the reviews started coming in on opencritic. Feels selfish to be proud but I'm extremely  grateful to have been a part of this.

Hitman 3 additional content


The Jinzhen Incident

An escalation released in the month of Greed, made for Chongqing.

See playthrough by Mr Freeze on youtube here: